Mormon woman writes poetry

~by Marsha Steed Keller

I love to fold laundry. It is a time that I reflect on each individual I have stewardship over, and as I fold, I remember when they wore a certain article of clothing, and often tears of joy, love and gratitude accompany the task. It centers me and allows me to focus on the good of each individual. Now that they are all gone, this poem has come true. It is a bittersweet remembrance.

– – – – – – –

Some women may complain

About the mounds of soiled clothes.

For washing, drying and putting away

Are seldom delightful chores.

Yet as I lift each pair of socks

And fold blouses, white church shirts, and jeans

I remember each childish face

The activities enjoyed while wearing these things.

I can’t help but smile

At a tear, a stain or two

Or quietly smell the ‘blankie’

Though it is shredded through.

One day I’ll be left,

With only my things to fold

It will be then, I’m afraid

When the tears will fall untold.

© 1999 Marsha Steed Keller

Marsha has been writing poetry and stories since 3rd grade. She is a mother of four, and grandmother of two of the most adorable babies in existence. She resides in Northern California, USA. Marsha is a published author and poet many times over. Besides writing, she also enjoys working as as a life and relationship coach, voice and piano teaching, ballroom dancing, singing, art (she’s been an art docent for 15 years), drama (she’s produced and choreographed many musicals), and calligraphy. Her writing is her touchstone with the world.