My husband works extra hard. Right now he is working full-time while attending classes. It isn’t easy for either one of us. There are days where he leaves at 7 AM and doesn’t return until after 11 PM.

While I generally throw a pity party for myself during his long days, sometimes a revelation pushes through my sorrow. Last week this happened.

In order for us  to re-register our car in our state, we must pass a safety test. We failed the test and are required to fix certain things. Expensive things. To afford this, my husband worked 80 hours straight while also juggling classes, papers, and finals. On top of it all, he worried about our little family. He worried about me.

Yeah, my overworked husband came home one night and apologized for working so much. I felt more than a little ashamed. The next morning, a sentence ran through my head from the The Family: A Proclamation to the World.

By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.

This is what my husband does.

He presides. Even though he works in the evenings, he continues to look after our spiritual well-being.  He reminds me to hold Family Home Evening, to read the scriptures, and to pray nightly. When he is home, he plays with the children, listens to my stories, and expresses love and gratitude for each of us. We all look forward to when Daddy is home.

He provides. He works long hours, while attending school, so that we can have the necessities: shelter, food, and clothes.  He works extra shifts when needed–like when our car breaks down or if we will need to visit the doctor’s office.

He protects. Each day he leaves us with a prayer, asking the Lord to protect our little family. While he may not be at home, his faith is present.  His faith help keep us safe.

My husband worked on Father’s Day, but I still celebrated him. He came home too late for a dinner but we shared a little dessert–his favorite ice cream. I hope, though, I will continue to celebrate him throughout the year by my own actions.