Daddy is in his recliner rocking back and forth, trying to get his lil’ man to sleep while feeding him a bottle, but falls asleep himself.  I usually have to wake him up to take Cole from his arms so I can put him down for naps in the crib.

Dave works so hard for our family during the week, I figure he deserves a nice long nap on the “Day of Rest.”

I love him….

Hannah has insisted for the past few months that she is too old for afternoon naps like her younger other and sister, so she has “quiet time.”  It consists of her doing various activities that can invite the Spirit and help her remember why this day is so special.  She loves to color, draw, write….anything artistic.  She works on accomplishing her goals in the Faith in God book. And if her sister is persistent enough with her pleadings, Hannah will read to her.  Hannah is a great storyteller. She brings the words in any book to life when she reads to her brother and sister.

I swear, I put Josie to bed for naps one minute, and the next I’m hearing her whisper to Hannah from her top bunk of their bunk beds, “Hannah will you read a story to me?”  And Hannah tells her to come down onto her bed and they snuggle up to each other under Hannah’s blanket and the reading begins.  I love to sneak peeks into their room after a half hour or so because what I find is there faces about 3 inches from each other, fast asleep.  My angels….my sweet, beautiful daughters.

Cole loves to play with Hannah and Josie’s plush toys…I often put one in his crib with him when he is sleeping.  As he has gotten older, he’s started to reach for things.  His smiles are still toothless, but beautiful.  He brings a whole new light to our family.  And we feel so sacredly blessed to be his parents.