New LDS Relief Society General Presidency 2012

Edited to add video of the broadcast:

Tonight at 6:00 p.m. MDT, the annual General Relief Society Meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be broadcast for all adult women of the Church (and any other women who are interested in participating).

You can get a live stream of the meeting here. The video broadcast will be held live in 15 languages on Many more languages will also be available live in audio format. will live audio in 64 languages. If you have the Mormon Channel mobile app, you can listen live in English and Spanish on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc. If you have Roku TV Mormon Channel, you can also access it live. (Thanks to LDS Media Talk for the information.)

For access to past Relief Society meetings, see the archive here. And for other Relief Society leadership teaching and training, see this page.

To be able to access the meeting later on,

  • The live video cached stream of the event will be available right after the broadcast ends.
  • Audio in 70+ languages will be available on and on the Mormon Channel in iTunes within 8 hours of the broadcast.
  • Video in 15 languages will start trickling in after that and will fill in completely within 24 hours of the broadcast at, podcasts, iTunes, and YouTube.

Source: LDS Media Talk

For a great post written in ancitipation of the Relief Society meeting, see Kathryn’s post at her blog, A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman: Mormon Women to Hear from New Female Leaders

*This post was edited to add more information for readers.