A few of us went to Women’s Conference, and we thought we’d share some of our photos with you.

The weather was cold. We even got some snow.

BYU Women's Conference photos

But that didn’t stop the thousands of women from bustling around the BYU campus, getting all they could out of the conference.

Every year, dozens of women join the “instant choir” — learning pieces together early in the morning to perform together in the Marriott Center.

Watching the instant choir at BYU Women's Conference

Speaking of the Marriott Center, there is nothing quite like gathering together for the general sessions. One sister commented that she would be happy just sitting there, singing, for hours. The Spirit is strong as we sing and learn together. We feel the power of womanhood. Our faith in the Savior is strengthened, and our resolve to follow Him increased.

Mormon women sing in Marriott Center at BYU Women's Conference

Mormon women gather at final Women's Conference session

Another highlight is the service projects that take place on Thursday evening. This year, projects included making tutus, wands, activity kits and other items for children in hospitals. Women also worked together on humanitarian supplies such as hygiene kits, newborn kits, school kits, and fleece blankets.

Mormon women doing service projects at BYU Women's Conference

Mormon women work on Women's Conference service projects

Mormon women doing service projects at BYU Women's Conference

Mormon women participate in service projects at BYU Women's Conference

Women can also wander around dozens of “Sharing Stations” to get thoughts and ideas to help us in our personal lives, and in our efforts to serve in our families, communities, and Church assignments.

You can find a wealth of information from past years’ BYU Women’s Conference Sharing Stations:  2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. We’ll let you know when this year’s virtual sharing stations are published.

BYU Women's Conference Sharing Stations

BYU Women's Conference Sharing Stations

All in all, it was a wonderful conference. Jen described it in this way: “[It’s] sort of like the thanksgiving feast that you never want to end and upon putting the last bite in your mouth, wishing you could do or all over again.” We hope you get a chance to enjoy some of the counsel and inspiration by listening to talks as they are rebroadcast. We’ll also let you know when transcripts are posted.

(You can also read past year’s Women’s Conference transcripts.)

Mormon women pose for a photo between BYU Women's Conference sessions

If you went to or have now listened to Women’s Conference, we’d love to hear some of your thoughts. Share below in the comment section, or send us an email at gmail, username ‘mormonwoman’