~by Amanda

Over the years I have been taught the story of Easter time and time again. As years pass, my understanding deepens. I have pondered it, and prayed about it.  I have read it, and listened to prophets and apostles speak about it.  I have taught lessons to young women about it. I know about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us. I know about His time in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the betrayal of His friends. I continue to be amazed at Christ’s ability to say, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I understand that His sacrifice makes it possible for us all to be resurrected and to live with our families again after death.

Each year, as Easter approaches, I do different things to help me remember Jesus Christ and His sacrifice.  I like to read the story of His death and resurrection in the Bible.  We own a couple of children’s books that I read with my children.  We have an animated DVD that we watch with the kids.  I like to watch this video featuring Jeffrey R. Holland entitled, An Apostle’s Easter Thoughts on Christ:

This year, as Easter comes closer, I am thinking about my children.  Am I doing enough to teach them? Do they understand the story? How can I better teach them the meaning of Jesus’ death?  Through the Holy Ghost, I am reminded that they learn through repetition.  Each year, their understand will deepen just as mine has over the years.

Years ago my mother gave me a kit to use at Easter time to help the kids understand.  I plan to spend a few quiet minutes with them reading through the text and sharing what I believe. The kit contains twelve plastic eggs and inside each egg is an important part of the story – a sacrament cup to signify when Jesus prayed and asked, “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass by me”; a nail to signify the nails that were pounded through His hands and feet; a piece of white cloth to signify the cloth that was placed in the tomb with the body of Christ, and a stone to represent the boulder placed over the opening of the tomb.

The final egg is empty. It is to remind us of when the angel told Mary Magdalene and another Mary to look inside the tomb, where they would see that it was empty. For Jesus had been resurrected, He was alive again. He walked and talked with His friends once more.

I have a testimony of this. I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, was crucified for us. I know that He gave His life, so that we may live again. I know that He paid the price for our sins. I know that He was resurrected on that third day.

If you would like a copy of the words and a list of things to fill your own plastic eggs with, please go to this Google Doc.