We want to make it easier to find content about the topic of pornography addiction. Below find a list of the personal stories that have been shared at Mormon Women: Who We Are on this topic. Find links to stories on other websites as well. (If you have a story to share or a link to send, please let us know.) We’ll continue to add content as we find/receive it.

Also, if you are a wife facing the challenge of having a husband with an addiction, you can join a private forum to connect with other wives who are working to find hope and healing.

Healing from Pornography Addiction: Hope for Addicts, Spouses – includes inspirational art that has helped a couple face the journey of healing from pornography addiction

Forward with Faith: Healing when a spouse has a porn addiction – Steven and Rhyll Croshaw share their story about healing from the effects of pornography addiction (video)

Forward with Faith: “When Pornography Hits Home” by Bethany

Two Mormon Women’s Stories about Overcoming Pornography Addiction – women also struggle against pornography addiction; read two women who share their stories

More stories from Mormon women who have dealt with sexual addictions

Rachelle Call: “God raised me and my family from the dead” (includes inspirational song about staying strong when a loved one has an addiction)

Forward with Faith: Finding Strength and Healing in Christ — by Sara

“[Pornography’s] destructive influence is not greater than God” – by Diony George

Hope and Help for Sex Addicts – A Personal Story (+resources)

Recovering from my LDS husband’s addiction to pornography

Is recovery from pornography addiction possible? – An addict in recovery shares his story and how the LDS Addiction Recovery Program helped him get sober and stay sober. Now he’s helping other men share their stories of how the 12 steps have helped them find healing at pasgworks.com

Sex/Pornography Addiction Recovery Support for Spouses – “You Don’t Have to Do it Alone” — a Mormon woman shares how LDS pornography addiction recovery support groups (and a 12-step recovery manual) for spouses helped her in her journey to find healing . She says, “We involved in this program pray for you; we pray you will find these support groups, if you need them.  Know you are not alone.  Since we can’t hold up signs saying, “My husband is a porn addict, and I need help,” be gutsy and come to a meeting.  You may like what you find.”

Video: Recovery from Pornography Addiction is Possible (a spouse’s story of recovery)

This Old House: Personal story of an ex-wife of a man who struggled with addiction

Five stories from spouses of men addicted to pornography (the outcomes vary in these stories…including women who ended up staying in their marriages and women who felt impressed to separate/divorce — found at Combating Pornography)

Out in the Light — documentary that includes personal stories from Mormons and those of other faiths (some are featured on our site as well):


Things I’ve learned the hard way (some insights from a wife of a pornography addict)

Latter-day Bondage and Freedom – a story of a wife’s pain and healing

Healing the Broken-Hearted — stories of LDS men and women who have walked the journey of recovery

An Insider’s View” – a Mormon woman shares a little about her experience as a wife of a man addicted to pornography

Renewing Ruined Cities – a devout Christian woman shares her journey of being married to a pornography addict.

There is Hope! — from a Christian website, Journey to Healing and Joy

From the Ensign:

Pierced with Deep Wounds

Lessons from a Milk Jug” – wife’s story of facing her husband’s addiction

My husband’s [pornography] addiction

See also a discussion on this topic at the link below:

How can I deal with my spouse’s pornography addiction?

More stories of hope and healing (from various addictions) on the new LDS Addiction Recovery website

And stories from loved ones of addicts, also on the LDS Addiction Recovery website