I’m Julie.  I’m a Mormon Woman, and I’m hopeful.

I’m hopeful that one day I’ll have a picture of our family where everyone is looking the same general direction.  I think it is too hopeful to wish that half the people might smile at the same time.

I’m hopeful that after I wash and dry two loads of laundry today, I will find the energy and desire to put those clothes away, instead of leaving them in laundry baskets until the day comes when we need to use those laundry baskets for something else — like pretend boats, or cars, or hiding piles of paper in the closet when someone knocks on the door.

I am always hoping to get my oldest to school on time, my middle child to swimming lessons before they’re half over, and that my youngest takes a decent nap just once a day.

I’m hopeful that I can accomplish three-quarters of the items on my to-do list today, hopeful that I’ll connect with my mother on the phone, and hopeful that when my husband and I collapse on the couch after putting the children to bed, we’ll be able to look into each others eyes and see a spark that invites kisses and conversation, instead of wanting to race to bed to see who can fall asleep first.

Most of all, I’m hopeful that I will be able to one day down the road have my children look at me and say, “My mom is a woman who knows – she knows Jesus , she loves Him, and she taught us to love and serve Him, too.”

I’m hopeful that my children will grow up and remember principles their dad and I teach them as we sit together each night reading from the scriptures, the LDS Church magazine for children, and sharing what we know about the gospel.

I hope, every morning, that I prioritize my day in a way that puts my family and the Savior first.  I hope we always have this much love and laughter, hugging and fun in our home.  I hope I can remember more frequently that the best place to be is on the floor cuddling my little children, and telling them how much I love them.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

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