By: Brenda

My daughter is seven years old and is learning to write paragraphs at school. Lately, I have found her practicing writing paragraphs at home and she presented two to my husband  that I thought were really sweet. I scanned in the originals, but will provide a translation for you below.


I like my dad. I like my dad because he is very sweet. I like my dad because he will take me to work. I think that is nice. Wouldn’t you? You answer. When I was sad, he would always make me laugh. He would always tell me things that were so funny I would almost wet my pants. He will always make me as happy as can be. He may even do this for you. I’m sure he will. I like my dad!


I like my mom. I like (my mom) because she wanted to bring me into this world. She was 25 when she had me. She thought I was beautiful even though I was small. I thought that was very nice to say. My mom was 23 when she was married. So two years later I was born. She has two brothers and one sister. I have two sisters. I was born in 2002. So here I am. I like my mom!

These notes made me very happy. Watching my children grow and learn is one of the greatest joys of my life.


Do you have special notes or drawings you’d like to share that were made by your children? Please scan them in with a description to mormonwoman(at)gmail(dot)com. We’d really appreciate pictures similar to those found in The Friend magazine that depict Temples or Scriptural scenes that your children drew. Thanks!