Today, we want to hear from anyone who would like to share their thoughts after this past weekend of General Conference.

Of course, some of what you feel and think during this weekend of spiritual feasting is personal, and not something you will want to share publicly. But sometimes there are thoughts that we can discuss together, and also share to help friends not of our faith understand more of what General Conference means to us.

p.s. We are planning a photo essay related to Conference for our Family Friday post this week, giving glimpses through pictures of different ways people enjoy Conference weekend. Whether you are a family of one and enjoyed conference in the quiet of your own home, or you are a mom of little ones whom you tried (however unsuccessfully) to keep occupied enough to hear something, or you live where your ward or branch family gather and worship (and eat!) together, please consider sharing a picture or two of your experiences. Food shots (and recipes?) are welcome, too! Email pictures (with a brief caption in the subject or email text) at gmail to username mormonwoman.

To review any of the talks from any of the five sessions this weekend (or the General Relief Society Broadcast from the previous week), you can go to the archives here. Transcripts will be available on Thursday, October 8, 2009.