~by Julie P

I pray because it changes me.  It smoothes out my rough edges, encourages me to be more gentle, helps me be more aware.

I pray because I long for the few minutes of peace and quiet I carve out of the day to speak with my Father, and I find great joy and comfort when I feel He hears me.

I pray because I need the guidance I receive from the conversations I have with God.  I pray because I know that when I listen to and follow the promptings I get during prayer, my life is better.

I pray because I want my children and family to be protected and safe, and I know that when I ask the Lord to watch over them each day, He does.

I pray because life is hard, and sometimes when I pray for it to be easier, burdens are lifted.  Sometimes when I pray for the hard times to go away, they don’t, but through prayer I am made stronger to face those challenges.

I pray because I need help, and God is waiting to help me the very second I ask for it.  I pray because I need and want blessings from above, and God is waiting to give me those blessings just as soon as I am humble enough to ask.

I pray because I am so very blessed, and I want my Heavenly Father to know that I recognize His hand in everything around me – my family, our health, our abundant spaghetti squash plants, the peaceful breeze, my children’s laughter.

Why do you pray?


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