Editor’s note: Ginny is a mother of five young children, including a set of busy toddler twins at the tail end of the family. To appreciate this poem all the more, you should know that she and her husband are two of the most organized and capable people I know. Part of why I enjoyed this poem is because it reminds me that even the most organized of lives can include “those days” — days when even the best of plans and intentions (and hopes) can sometimes end up being something quite different. I admired her ability to be able to laugh at such a day in her own life (especially given the fact that it was a significant day for many reasons for her little family). She says this was a poem that just sort of spilled out. I thought it was a fun way to capture the craziness and also smile a little about it all. ~Michelle

Mormon woman

~by Ginny

twas the first day of school and all through the house
all the creatures were scurrying around like a mouse
the outfits were picked and laid out with great care
in hopes that approval could soon be found there

the children were anxious and mommy was too
a new school for all, how would they do?
dad took the day off for myriad reasons
an anniversary to celebrate and a change in the seasons

the contractors showed up to work on the basement
before the pictures were taken and the kids could be sent
momma took the oldest two while the three stayed with dad
PTA meeting, class presentations all to be had

then momma came home in just enough time
to grab the new kindergartner who was all primed
for her first day of school, she was a tad scared
but she revved up her courage and how well she fared

one more class presentation before running back home
to sneak in a celebration lunch with two toddlers in tow
who would have guessed that ten years would bring this?
then run back to school to pick up the kids!

the three school children loved their teachers and day
most of them even said they wished they could stay
but home they all went with homework and forms to fill out
by the time it was done, poor mom wanted to shout

due to momma’s mistake, dinner plans were confused
a full day of school, anniversary and construction one could muse
should have earned the family a good final meal
but instead they settled for a dinner of cold cereal.


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