~by Heidi

Recently, I entered a local restaurant and was greeted by a young man named Dave. He enthusiastically opened the door for me. As I scanned his name tag and the uniform for the restaurant, I recognized he was the greeter. He said “Welcome to our restaurant — and might I add you look ravishing tonight!” He took my hand and landed a great big kiss on it. I blushed, and smiled, and laughed. I replied “Well thank you so much.” Somehow with Dave I couldn’t dismiss him. Which is what I usually do when people compliment me (it makes me feel oh, so uncomfortable!).

But Dave was sincere and he hadn’t let go of my hand. To which he replied “I really am serious, you look ravishing,” and he gently patted my hand with his other and let me go. I continued to watch him greet others while I waited to add my family to their waiting list. He gave each person that entered and exited this restaurant the same time and attention he did to me — teasing the older men by sticking his hand out to give them five then quickly pulling it away with a hearty laugh, greeting each person young and old. He took the time to make each person feel special, acknowledged, and important.

Dave has Down Syndrome. He is not bothered with the standards of the world as we often can be. And I, in this moment, was blessed by Dave and taught a very important lesson — to remember and see myself and those around me through more uncluttered eyes, more like the eyes of my Heavenly Father. To take the time to see more as He does.