Women, as well as men, can serve full time missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or Mormon Church. While young men typically serve from the ages of 19-21, young women are eligible to serve beginning at age 21 and serve for 18 months. Dianne shared some background about this particular poem:

The Missionary Spirit was written for my daughter Joann’s birthday when she was on her mission in Argentina…. She had one birthday while serving in Argentina, and I wanted to send her something special that didn’t cost a small fortune. I thought of her and how badly she wanted to serve, the sacrifice on the part of the whole family, and the blessings we all received for her service.

The Missionary Spirit

The glow of missionary spirit
Is welling in your eyes.
Love for the children of the Lord,
Yet, unknown, waiting for His message.

A droplet slips across a cheek
Blushed with joy.
The message is delivered,
Reaping gratitude in return for salvation.

Cherish the moment,
Don’t dab it away,
Relish the days,
Hold fast to the spirit.

Return in triumph, knowing
Christ is love, love is charity,
Charity is service,
Service is you.

– by Dianne Billstrom

*This is Dianne Billstrom’s third poem she has shared with us. We are thankful to her for her willingness to share! If you would like to submit your own poetry, please send it to us via email: ‘mormonwomen’ (or ‘mormonwoman’) at ‘gmail’ dot ‘com’.
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