Editor’s note: It is not my modus operandi to promote for-profit entities, but I am making an exception in this case because what this entity is offering is FREE. Statistics show that so many families are affected by pornography addiction, and we at Mormon Women have been trying to help women in need connect to resources that could help. I am thrilled to see an addiction recovery therapist using the internet to reach out and try to help many women in innovative ways.

The workshop begins April 24. Registration deadline is tomorrow, April 17. 

Healing from Betrayal Trauma — Help for wives of men struggling with sexual addiction

Did you know that 70% of women suffer from Betrayal Trauma when they discover their husband’s pornography or sexual addiction? This form of trauma meets most criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a long-term condition involving depression, severe distrust, anxiety, apathy, insomnia, chronic illness, etc.

Furthermore, 71 percent of women with Betrayal Trauma demonstrate severe functional impairment in major areas of their lives and require professional support.

(If you are wondering if you might be suffering from betrayal trauma, you can take this assessment.)

Dr. Kevin Skinner, sexual addiction recovery therapist, is currently offering a FREE six-week workshop to help wives of those who are struggling with sexual/pornography addiction get on a path to healing. All content, classes, and even weekly group meetings will be available online, so any woman living anywhere can participate, as long as she has an internet connection.

The workshop includes six online classes, with individual lessons that allow you to heal at your own pace, based on your own learning style. Each lesson includes step-by-step guidance, worksheets, articles, audio/video clips, and assessments to help you understand and get to the core of your situation.

Each of the six classes will then culminate in a weekly group meeting (remote access will be provided via video streaming), with discussions that are adapted to the group’s needs. Group meetings will be led by Dr. Kevin Skinner.

This is not a religious workshop. It’s a therapist-created, research-based resource (in other words, it’s not a Mormon program, it’s for any woman married to someone wrestling with pornography/sexual addiction who is interested in getting some information and some help and support).

Following are the topics that will be covered in the workshop:

Why do I feel like this? (The science behind betrayal trauma) Where does the anger, hurt, pain and shame come from? “My spouse has the problem, so why am I suffering so much?” In this lesson you will learn the science behind betrayal trauma with a few tips and strategies to start you on the path to healing.

Understanding me. A series of assessments and worksheets help you understand how emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger and depression are affecting you – and how social support can help. The more you understand what you are experiencing, the more you can heal.

Easing your anxious mind. Common symptoms of betrayal trauma are anxiety and fear. In this lesson we will teach you how to deal with these feelings and move towards peace of mind. Understanding me. A series of assessments and worksheets help you understand how emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger and depression are affecting you – and how social support can help. The more you understand what you are experiencing, the more you can heal.

Start healing now! You will learn of seven healing strategies that can help you begin to restore strength to your life.

Did you know you are this strong? (Developing resiliency) You are stronger than you know. Learn how to use your strengths to develop resiliency during adversity, and turn feelings of inadequacy into strength and power.

Power to self-heal. In many cases, women blame themselves for their spouse’s behavior and feel a lack of self-worth. Learn to assess your internal dialogue and shift from self-criticism to self-compassion — creating inner peace and confidence in your inherent worth.

Bonus Class: The science behind pornography addiction.

Participants will be invited to give feedback on the workshop, on what was helpful and what could be improved. The goal of this workshop is to help women get their bearings in the face of the trauma of a husband’s sexual/pornography addiction, to come to see and realize that they are not alone (and that their feelings, fears, and struggles are normal!), and to begin a process of healing that can foster hope and confidence in the future.

Watch a slideshow that explains the workshop a little more.

For more information or to sign up, contact:

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Phone: (801) 406-8994