Here at Mormon Women, we usually post videos in English, but you can find a variety of Mormon videos in various languages. The Church of Jesus Christ has several official Mormon video channels, including Mormon Messages in the following languages:

Spanish (Español)
Portuguese (Portugues)
French (Francais)
Italian (Italiano)
German (Deutsch)
Russian (PYCCKИЙ)
Chinese (國語)
Cantonese (廣東話)
Korean (한국말)
Japanese (日本語)
American Sign Language

Many unofficial Mormon videos can be found on YouTube as well, including the following:

– Church Videos, English
– Mormon Music, Various Languages
178generalconference – General Conference, English
CreenciasMormonas – Spanish
mormons1830 – Portuguese
mormoni1830 – Italian
mormon321 – German
mormon7000 – French
mormon400 – Japanese
mormon9000 – Russian
mormon8000 – Korean
mormon300 – Mandarin
mormon401 – Cantonese