~by Karen

Karen has a son currently serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Kenya.

Yesterday my friend and her family sent off their oldest son to Peru for two years. He is a great young man who has a natural goodness and was also raised up well by his parents. The perfect candidate to go out in the world and do some good.

As I stood on my friend’s driveway last night to see how she was doing we both teared up a bit. The lack of contact is hard, both the verbal contact, and in the case of both of us, the physical contact. Tall sons who like to wrap their arms around their mothers and, at least with my own son, rest their heads on top of ours. Good boys (men) who leave a real hole when they are gone, even though they are having the blessing of filling up someone else’s life for 24 months.

My husband was standing there with us, and to lighten the mood he reminded us that there are some things that actually get irritating about having a gangly 19-yr old boy around the house all the time.

But, not today, honey. Today we like to think of our boys as perfect.

And, funny thing, I am still thinking that way this morning.


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