Who We Are — the song that inspired the name of our site. Special thanks to Tammy Simister Robinson for letting us share this song!

Below is some selected free music from ldsmusicworld.com (We have only included a small sampling of songs here. There are many more songs and clips at this site.)

Returning Home (piano)
Everlast (piano)
In His Eyes
I Testify of Him
Someone’s Watching Over You
God, Don’t Give Up On Us
Every Little Step
Come Thou Fount
Power in His Touch
Every Corner of My Heart
If You Believe in Love
Whispers of Comfort and Peace
Stronger Storm
Restless Soul
Comfort Me
Change My Heart
Eyes That See
Pour Over Me
The Way to Emmaus Heaven
Music on the Proclamation to the World on the Family

Hymns from Eliza R. Snow performed by various artists

Truth Reflects Upon Our Senses

The Lord Imparted from Above

Free Inspirational Sheet Music
Sally DeFord Music
Kerby Music
Craig Petrie Music

The Writing of Consider the Lilies — A beautiful piece written about a beautiful song. (This is a song sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.)

God is With You
One Child at a Time
Lights (accompaniment; sheet music here — song about being examples, sharing the Savior’s light)
It Happens This Way – a song about missionary work, sharing the gospel one person at a time
Scripture Scouts Medley — “the story of Lehi and his family in a fresh way with touches of humor and insights”