Glimpses is a Sharing Our Voices feature that shares bits of Mormon life through photos. We invite all of you Mormon women to think about photos you could send in! Today, we share some photos of quilts Mormon women have made.

Amanda writes:

“I love to use old jeans and flannel to make “rag” quilts.  They are perfect for camping, picnics and laying in the grass and reading a book on.  The good thing about this type of quilt is that I don’t have to be really precise, as you do in piecing a quilt.  It doesn’t matter if my lines are crooked, or don’t match up evenly because the clipped fringe hides any mistakes.  I also enjoy making these because they are fast, and warm.  I always feel a great boost to my self-esteem when I have created something with my two hands.  It brings me pride and happiness.”


Pauline says this about her quilt, entitled “Waiting to Hear”

“My husband was in the process of searching for a job. He had applied to many different locations, and I was very anxious to have news of where we would end up moving. To help pass the time, to keep busy while we waited, I created this quilt. I designed the pattern myself after learning about paper piecing.”

Mormon quilt

Wendy created the following two quilts decades ago…one with pictures drawn by grandchildren for their grandma (Wendy’s parents):

Old quilt from 1976 with drawings from grandchildren, by a Mormon woman

And this one created for her in-laws, including pictures of their deceased parents — a family history quilt:

Old Mormon Family History Quilt

Michelle had an idea to pull together multiple photos from her husband’s travels. She says this about her creation:

“It’s not your typical quilt. It’s made mostly out of jersey fabric (not a good choice, but I had purchased some on sale and wanted to use it). I also used old jeans (denim) to frame the pictures. Not being a quilter, I didn’t really know what I was doing; I sort of made it up as I went. It was a lot of work! But my husband loves the quilt and it did capture his  wanderlust. Note that I even included a playbill from a Broadway play and a plane ticket! ”

Mormon woman creates a travel quilt

Mary created these quilts for her grandchildren one year for Christmas. This picture only includes three, but she made nineteen of them!Mormon grandma makes quilts for her grandchildren


*How do you create? Share your creations with us! Send us a photo with an explanation to ‘mormonwoman’ (or ‘mormonwomen’) at ‘gmail’ dot ‘com’. We’d love more pictures of Mormon life as well for future Glimpses photo essays.