~by Michelle

Just this past Friday afternoon, my son got a call from someone in his deacon’s quorum. (Deacons in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are 12-13 years old.) The short message was that the quorum (the group) was meeting to help the family of one of the deacons move. Within fifteen minutes, he was gone. They worked for several hours (and played some, too).

As a mom, it’s hard not to worry about the teenage years that are looming. There are a lot of challenges and pitfalls that can come during adolescence. But as I watch my son in moments like this, I feel hope and excitement for the future.

I cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel for what the Church does for our youth. Mormon young men and young women are given opportunities to serve and to learn how to lead with love. They are often asked to be in presidencies of their age groups. With shadow leadership from their adult leaders, they plan and organize activities. They lead and teach and give public talks. They learn to share thoughts and feelings with each other and to build and encourage one another in faith and obedience to God’s commandments.

I loved the following video about a 13-year-old deacon’s quorum president named Spencer. It’s clear that Spencer took this role seriously. He understood that priesthood leadership in the Church is primarily about love and service. It it an inspiration to see how Spencer showed love to his friend, Dayton. What an example of Christlike service!