Do you have questions about Mormonism? With all the media attention around Mormonism, you may have questions about what Mormonism is all about.

Or perhaps you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and want some thoughts on how to answer gospel questions.

There is a new resource available to help address stereotypes about Mormons and answer questions people have about our faith. page answering gospel questions

The purpose of this website is to help provide “clear, simple statements that present those who are curious with the basics about the Church as it is today.”

The LDS Church News article quoted above gives an example of the kinds of questions you can find answers to, related topics such as Mormon Church doctrines, policies of the Church, and information about the worldwide nature of the Church.

For instance, under the link Questions about Church Doctrines, users can find a list of resources answering specific questions such as, “How could members respond to the question, ‘Are Jesus and Satan brothers?’” and “Do Church members believe they can become gods?”

Along with each question are scriptures, talks, lesson materials and other resources from that can help Church members or those interested in understanding Mormonism better find information and Church teachings about various subjects.