Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye writes a moving tribute about her mother here.

Following is a glimpse of her essay:

Mom passed away on December 16, 2008. As I sat down to write her funeral talk, I tried to find some impressive memory that would represent her and the impact of her life, but couldn’t come up with anything remarkable or extraordinary. Does this mean that she didn’t do anything remarkable or extraordinary?
Just the opposite: the fact that I remember everyday routines, and not momentous occasions, shows the awesome significance of what Mom did for us, her children. Her love and care were all around us-like the water that fish swim in, the air that we breathe. As children we took it for granted. Only now do we begin to fully appreciate the magnitude of what she has done. Day by day, year after year, through the experiences that she helped us to have and through her example of how to live, she created our world.

Take the time to go and read this amazing tribute!