The most recent sharing stations have been posted! Click here to access them. (See also individual links below.)

For past years’ sharing stations, you can go here.

Also find handouts from some of the talks here. Topics covered include pornography, homemaking, children with disabilities, addiction and recovery, fire preparedness, living with chronic illness, faith, family reunions, fire preparedness.

(If you attended the conference and haven’t filled out an online survey, we discovered one at this link as well!)

p.s. If you are looking for talk transcripts or rebroadcasts, they are not currently available. They would usually be accessible via byutv online for a month (rebroadcasts were held last week and has a player that usually includes archives), but the Move Media player is having difficulty. We called on that yesterday (we are anxious to listen, too!) and they are working on it. If you are interested in talks from the Conference from Sheri Dew, Sister Julie B. Beck, Sister Cheryl Lant, the Batemans, and, of course, our dear prophet President Monson (as well as others), keep checking the Move Media player’s archive. We’ll let you know, too, if and when we find out it becomes available.

2008 Virtual Sharing Stations

  1. Topping Your Sunday’s With Spiritual Fun
  2. Simplified Service
  3. Family Home Evening—Keep it Simple
  4. World Wide Quilts
  5. LDS Humanitarian Center
  6. Supercharge Your World with Story Telling
  7. “A Fallen Leaf”
  8. We Need Never Feel Alone “That they may always have His Spirit to be with them.”
  9. Graced with Grandchildren
  10. The Family that Plays Together Stays Together
  11. Lets Go Dumpster Diving! Seek, Salvage, Polish, and Share Your Spiritual Gifts
  12. What Your Children Want for Dinner is YOU!
  13. Adoption: Another Way to Make Your Pathway Bright
  14. Keeping Family Trees Rooted Through Traditions
  15. Parenting Adult Children Now and Forever
  16. Cheerful Hearts
  17. Comforting the Children
  18. The Best Time of the Day: Reading Aloud With Your Baby, Child, and Teen
  19. Pornography: Satan’s Snare
  20. Righteous Traditions: Wise and Worthwhile Words of Wisdom
  21. Caring for our Aging: How to Help
  22. Serve to Preserve
  23. Life is a Test…good, Better, BEST!
  24. Grandma’s Apron and Grandpa’s Hat
  25. “In-laws not Out-laws”
  26. Meals Even a Fifth Grader Can Make
  27. Everyday Heirlooms: Preserving and Teaching Homemaking Skills
  28. The Miracle of Adoption
  29. Steadfast and Immovable in Faith: “Solid as a Rock”
  30. Read for Delight to be Bright
  31. Becoming a Noble Woman – One Step at a Time!
  32. Have You Had Your Daily “FIX”?
  33. Ready, Set, Start Your Family History!
  34. Finding “U” in “M-U-T-H-E-R-H-O-O-D”
  35. Incorporating LIFE into Your PRIORITIES
  36. Finding Fun in the Family Tree
  37. Grandmother’s Keep On “Going and Going and Going…”
  38. Value-able Story Time-Early Childhood Literacy
  39. Music at Noon
  40. LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Center
  41. Supreme Unworldly Fuel for the Family Journey
  42. Celebrate Your Unique “Genes”
  43. Fiercely Modest
  44. “Nothing New…Just a Review”
  45. Embracing Media Technologies That Strengthen and Connect Families