Janet reflects on a simple experience in her Mormon family that helped her feel how God valued her contribution as a mom to her family’s life.

Mormon family life - LDS woman reflects on motherhood and God's help

~by Janet

I awoke Sunday morning still feeling sick. I’d spent most of Saturday in bed so the home was in disarray. I’d expected to be well by morning and had not made arrangements for a substitute to teach my church class. Besides, I wanted to attend, and to participate. I wanted to be well!

Compelled by this desire, I slipped out of bed and onto my knees, pleading, “Bless me with strength for my church assignment.” I suddenly seemed to feel stronger, and thanking Him continued with my prayer, “And bless me with a peaceful day, a worshipful day, and personal time to ponder….” Is that possible for a mother? I wondered. My Sundays seemed always consumed in the busy-ness of family, far removed from quiet personal time.

I arose and stepped down the stairs, a growing awareness emerging. I actually felt well! My heart swelled with gratitude. He was there for me! In my mind I recommitted to Him and I vowed to serve Him more fully on His day.

In the kitchen I quickly set the table with cereal bowls and cold cereal (our usual Sunday breakfast.) As I opened the fridge for the milk, my eyes rested upon a carton of eggs and an impression came, “Make your family a breakfast.” I hadn’t been grocery shopping in days but noticed I also had potatoes and orange juice. “Yes,” I responded, “I’ll make breakfast for my family.”

Minutes later, while standing over the stove stirring potatoes, a nagging thought persisted, and again I pleaded, “This whole day could be swallowed up in the needs of my family, and then how would I serve you dear Lord?” The impression that came was immediate, “And how better can you serve me on my day?” I stood awed by what I had just understood and felt as the lesson continued. “Always remember Janet, your work IS my work and there is nothing greater you can be doing for me. Now go forward and serve your family.”

I don’t remember the rest of the day; just an ordinary Sabbath. But it presented a lesson never to be forgotten — a truth revealed to a mother in need.