We celebrate the expression of faith through creative means. We want to provide a place where writers, artists, musicians, and others (you don’t have to be a professional!) can express faith through creative works.

We invite you to consider submitting works in any of the following categories. (Please also let us know if you find links to already-existing works, sites, or exhibits that are non-commercial and publicly accessible that people would enjoy seeing — we’ll consider linking to them here! A couple of examples can be found here (a sculpture exhibit at a temple visitor’s center) and here (a slideshow of another visitor’s center exhibit).

First Person

    • — This feature includes personal essays and poetry from members of the Church about how the gospel of

Jesus Christ

    • impacts and is applied in their lives. We also have provided links to various sites that have collected individual conversion stories — peoples’ first-hand accounts of how they found the Church of


    • Christ of Latter-day Saints, and why they joined. You can submit your own conversion story here at this site (by sending an email to ‘mormonwoman’ AT ‘gmail’ DOT ‘com,’ or at any of the other links. For more ideas about what you could write, read some of Elder Ballard’s recent invitation




    — Some people have made music available for free online…a way for them to share their faith and conviction with others. If you are musician, won’t you consider sharing your voice in this way?

Video and Multimedia

    — There is so much that can be done through video and multimedia technology (such as slideshows) to express ourselves. Simple video testimony is also included here.

Visual Arts

    • — This is a new feature, and we invite those of you who are artists to consider sharing some of your work (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography) as a way to share your voice. Also, find links to pieces from the


    ‘s international art competitions, temple visitor centers’ exhibits, and other resources. (Again, if you are aware of such a link, please let us know!)

If you would like to submit pictures or links sharing of any of the above, please send us your work to ‘mormonwoman’ AT ‘gmail’ DOT ‘com.’ Put “Sharing Our Voices” in the subject line along with the type of submission (e.g., music, photography, video, etc.)

Submissions are subject to review for consistency with the goals of this site. Please respect all copyright laws in your submissions. Written submissions are subject to editing. Those who submit any of the above will retain rights to their work.