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Motherhood Series: The Source

. If I had words to wrap around those mommy days and mother years, I’d hold them in my hands and say that nothing ever disappears. But I can’t seem to feel the page, and all this stuff just moves so fast–– in bits and pictures,...

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Motherhood Series: Legacy Cake

~by Heather L. Recently, I signed up to make a cake as one of the table centerpieces they needed for a Relief Society Celebration social. The day of the event, I got home at one o’clock in the afternoon, pulled all the...

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First Person: Home a Quiet Haven

~by Jen H. As a mother of five, involved with many many things, I am challenged to find privacy anywhere. Just the other day after a long and exhausting day, I laid in bed and pondered how impossible it was that throughout my...

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We Believe: Jesus Loves You

~by Julie Pettit I recently found a picture that shows Jesus holding a little boy that looks just like my sweet three year old son.  I bought it and showed it to him as soon as I got home. “’Oh! It’s Jesus holding Joshua!...

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