Author: Heather

My Testimony of Christmas

“More Than Just a Manger” A Testimony of Christmas ~by Heather L. A few years ago I realized something very important – that the story of Jesus Christ’s birth is about more than a manger – oh, so much more! The...

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A Tale of Three Headaches

~by Heather L. In one recent weekend, I had three headaches. The first I was blessed to know was the kind I have regularly. I knew I just needed to endure it for a day or so. Sure enough, the next morning it was gone. That...

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Mormon Women and Education

~by Heather L. I always wanted to be a mother… and a detective, and a librarian, and a teacher. And I have always loved to learn! From the time I was little, my mother was a great example to me of an educated woman – she...

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