~by Rebecca R.

I am a working mother who is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The reason I mention that I am a working mother and a member of this church, is because sometimes those two things don’t seem cohesive, at least they didn’t always to me.

I believed a mother should be home to teach and care for her children, unless the family didn’t have enough money to eat or pay the important bills. Now that I am a working mother and have seen the struggles of my own children and the struggles of other children, I believe this teaching even more.

I wanted to follow the teachings found in The Proclamation to the World on the Family, that a mother was to be the main nurturer in the family. My husband worked very hard to provide, so that I could stay home to raise our children. He supported me in my role as nurturer and I was very grateful.

When our children were old enough to go to school, the Lord showed me a different teaching that is also found in the Proclamation to The Family. That husband and wife are to work together to meet the needs of the family. I was inspired to gain an education, which I did through a Church program (Self-Reliance Services), which in turn, inspired me to apply for a job.

I mention this, because the Lord knew that after my husband had supported me in my role as nurturer, it was time for me to support my husband in his role as provider. At the same time as I received work (which was terrifying for me to take), everything in our house started to break and would continue to break for the next 4 years. I am talking fixes to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, not including our family vehicle which needed to be replaced.

Heavenly Father knew this would happen, so He prepared a way for my husband and me to work together, as partners, in providing for all the needs of our family. Through this experience, we have become a stronger, more united couple. The reason we are stronger is because the struggles were very rough, but we held firm in the teaching of the Church of Jesus Christ. We didn’t allow doubt to overtake us (mainly me) about following personal revelation, supported by the teachings of the prophets.

I have struggled greatly these last 4 years with weight gain, high anxiety, exhaustion, health concerns, family time, and more. But, I have also found medicine that calms my anxiety. I realized I can do more than I ever thought possible (with God’s help). I gained valuable skills in the work field, in my family, and church. I have also put a focus on my formal education, which has been huge for me.

The most important thing I have gained, (strange as this might sound, considering I just stated it became a struggle) is time with my family. It isn’t perfect, but I make more time to do things with my kids and my spouse, because I see the need more than ever and I desire that time with them even more.

How I have grown in my thinking on where the Lord wants women. He wants them where He needs them and he will let them know as long as they are being diligent in striving to follow his teachings and are listening for his voice guiding them. I am very grateful for the lessons I have learned.