I don’t know if Cassy Budd would use the term healing in the telling of her story, but she speaks healing truth to me. I was so grateful to have this devotional, entitled “On Failure and Finishing,” pop up after listening to Craig Manning’s address. (What a wonderful divine Valentine’s Day gift!)

Cassy is a master storyteller, and she hits on so many false beliefs that many of us carry around…and on how the Savior wants to help us in and with and because of our weakness and failure — not after we figure out how to save ourselves! Learning how to let go and let Him is so much what our part is about.

Once again, I express gratitude for the courage it takes to share weakness in such a vulnerable way. I truly believe it is only in the context of our weakness that we can help each other find God’s strength and healing power. (Again, if we could save or fix ourselves, why would there need to be a Savior?)

My favorite insights (if it’s possible to have favorite insights from a talk like this) are at the end as she talks about her spelunking guide, Mike. The parallels to the Savior’s grace, wisdom, and love are stunning.

(I shared this with multiple friends, and hope you will do the same.)