The first general session of #ldsconf (general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) was held last Saturday. If you missed the meeting, are curious about the meeting, or want to revisit any of the talks, you can access video, audio, and text archives here.

What were your thoughts from the meeting? What quotes or ideas stood out to you? One of the things that I loved was when President Uchtdorf invited us each to listen to what the Holy Ghost had to teach us individually. I think this is such an important principle in general when listening to conference. It can be so easy to sort of turn off that divine channel and just listen to the words, thinking that all of them will be of equal importance to each of us. But I believe the Spirit can personalize our Conference experiences and even help us hear messages beyond the words themselves.

There were phrases and ideas that stood out to me that I wrote in my journal. I was particularly moved by the reminder that this life is a time to prepare, which means all of God’s blessings won’t be fulfilled in this life — and yet, I can also find joy in this life by making choices to seek and create purpose and meaning. The thought that I had is that when I choose to engage the good, I invite the Atonement to cover what isn’t so good. That said, I also felt the Spirit add a personal reminder to me that the joy often comes through the process of experiencing pain and feeling the contrast of the Savior’s healing power.

Sometimes the simple messages about our divine worth and God’s love are so simple I can miss them. I felt like I was able to drink some of that simplicity in as well.