Meet the Mormons Glorious video cover contest

My children and I had a delightful time last night looking at the variety of videos that were submitted for the “Glorious” supercut invitation. (The song was used at the end of “Meet the Mormons,” a feature-length documentary that is currently in theaters, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. I highly recommend this film.)

We were so impressed with the courage and creativity that was exhibited in the videos. (I love to sing but I wouldn’t have the courage to sing on video like this!) And a few of the videos brought tears and chills.

It’s a bit hard to compare videos, because some were professionally produced, and many others were made at home, in cars, and in stairwells.

Still, I wanted to share a few of the videos that caught our attention.

My girls loved the fact that both of these young women have their Personal Progress medallions. We also were impressed that the accompaniment was being played on the piano while they were singing!

This 10-year-old took our breath away with the clarity and purity of her voice.

I think so far this is our favorite professionally-produced video. Watch the expressions on the children’s voices.

This expressive ASL video moved me to tears. There are a couple of other ASL videos that are worth watching, too.

The harmonies in this version made us almost giddy.

And this one made us laugh.

I have a feeling I know what we’ll be doing tonight together, my kids and I….

Do a search on YouTube for Meet the Mormons glorious cover to find videos that have been submitted. What videos catch your attention? Did you submit a video? Although the deadline for this particular call for submissions is over, it’s never too late to create!