As your new year has started, how are you feeling? 2020 was quite a year, and 2021 has already presented some real challenges.

We are grateful to know that Jesus Christ is real and knows what is happening in our lives — individually and collectively — and can help us find peace (individually and collectively!).

If you are searching for peace, we invite you to learn more about Jesus Christ. Or if you already know about Him, we hope you continue to find ways to bring Him into your life each day. We need Him more than ever!

For me, that can look like reading scriptures (like The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ), taking a deep and long breath with Him on my mind, savoring a sunset, practicing gratitude, praying for help, asking someone to share a spiritual thought, connecting with others who are seeking to know Him better, sharing the love and hope I have felt from Him with someone else.

How do you bring Jesus and peace into your life?