Let Blessings Rain Down Pres Uchdorf

The General Women’s Meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was a powerful, inspirational meeting, bringing women, young women, and girls ages eight and above together throughout the world. This meeting begins the worldwide General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ that is held every six months.

I watched the worldwide sisters’ meeting with several young women. I asked them what they enjoyed about the meeting and they all replied that they loved President Uchtdorf’s talk about God’s love (one mentioned loving his comments about how it doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Instagram or Pinterest). They felt that similar message about God’s love in Sister Marriott’s talk. One mentioned Sister Stevens’ story about her parents. A couple of them just said, “We loved the whole meeting!” They also said it felt very short…time did go by quickly.

I thought the video capturing thoughts from women, young women and girls from around the world was about the best video I’ve ever seen in one of these meetings. I really loved the music from the choir, and to see the radiant girls with their mothers worshiping and sharing their faith in this way.

I felt the Spirit of God strongly throughout the meeting.

Other things that I’m seeing on social media that stood out to people:

– The opening prayer by a member of the Young Women board who lives in South Africa.

– The Korean children’s choir!

– We are an international church, and this meeting felt to many to represent that reality well.

– The idea to memorize The Living Christ, as 900 young women in Alaska did. (One of the young women in our little group shared that her family had done this as a family challenge — even her six- and four-year-old siblings participated and can recite much if not most of the inspired prophetic document.)

– The power of covenants and the temple and family history. [If you haven’t had a chance to read the October New Era, it is focused on family history and the temple and is very powerful.]

– The Lord knows us individually. Covenants are given one by one.

– The theme of light, and that temples (both the buildings and we as followers of Christ, temples of God in our own right) can push back darkness

– Making visiting teaching more than a checklist item

– Sister Marriott’s openness about personal revelation in the temple about her weaknesses

– Hearing women and children share in their native languages what the temple means to them

– That worth is not tied to appearance or popularity

– Children can have influence in their homes

– Rain and umbrellas will never mean quite the same thing again after President Uchtdorf’s talk

– Sister Marriott’s awesome Southern accent. 🙂

You can read highlight quotes on the hashtag #womensmeeting on Twitter (#ldsconf also captures many of the quotes).

What from the meeting stood out to you?