“And God spake all these words, saying…Honour thy father and thy mother….”

 Ex. 20:1,12  ( See also Deut. 5:16 ; Matt. 15:4 ; Matt. 19:19 ; Luke 18:20 ; Eph. 6:2 ;1 Ne. 17:55 ; Mosiah 13:20 . ) 

Whether young or old, married or single, with children or without, each of us is a son or daughter of earthly parents.

Whether our parents are living or dead, married or divorced or never married, we can still seek to follow the Lord’s commandment to honor them.

How are you trying to honor your father and mother, to be a better son or daughter? Share photos on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter….

How has the Savior’s power and grace and example helped you in this way?

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