Mormon LDS General Women's Meeting March 29 2014

This is an exciting day. The General Women’s Meeting may be the largest meeting of females ever in the history of the world. As Mormons, we believe in the power of gathering. We believe in the power of womanhood.

We also believe in living prophets, and look forward to being able to hear from a prophet of God at the meeting tonight.

Friends not of our faith are welcome to gather with us.

There are many ways to hear the General Women’s Meeting for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which will be broadcast tonight from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Below is broadcast information, shared from

I’m excited to share this semi-annual event with my daughters. Share your thoughts and experiences and photos via social media. @ldschurch, hashtag #womensmeeting.

General Conference Website
Video in 19 languages
LDS General Conference YouTube Channel
Video in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
Video and audio in English only
BYUtv International
Video and audio in Spanish and Portuguese
Mormon Channel Website
Video and audio in English and Spanish
Mormon Channel Mobile Apps
Video and audio in English and Spanish
Mormon Channel on Roku
Video in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and ASL.
Video in English only

Many local cable and radio stations make conference readily available. for broadcast information or check local listings.

To view conference sessions at local meetinghouses, check with local leaders on the availability. Visit to find a local meetinghouse.

Invite and Share via Social Media

Sisters wanting to invite friends and associates to participate in the meeting can find the Facebook event,  a YouTube video that explains the purpose of the meeting, and other helpful images and links to share here.

Speaker quotes and memes will be published live during the event in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on the following official Church social media accounts:

Twitter: @LDSChurch (#womensmeeting)


All social media posts will be consolidated and published on the general conference Share page for your convenience.