tiempo para compartir -- sharing time

It all started with the question of a priesthood leader and the inspiration of a mother in the ward.

The story of how the Primary organization in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began is a great example of how the power of partnership between men and women can work in God’s work.

I think often of the Savior’s injunction to suffer the little children to come unto Him. This is what Primary is about, and I’m moved by the fact that women are the ones asked to serve in Primary leadership positions. I have often felt that Primary presidents have one of the most challenging callings in the Church, to both help keep a Primary organization running smoothly (administering) and caring for the one as they also seek to minister.

Read more about the creation of the Primary here.

Primary includes a nursery class for children ages 18 months to 2 years. For children ages 3-11, Primary includes weekly Sunday meetings (age-grouped classes and and group Sharing Time, represented above). During Sharing Time, children help by giving prayers, giving talks, and participating in music activities. While the emphasis in the Church is always about teaching the gospel in the home, Primary gives children a chance to also learn about and feel the power of the gospel together.

Primary also includes the Faith in God program, which encourages children to make goals in various areas of their lives from the time they are baptized until they move into the Young Men and Young Women’s programs at age 12. There are also Activity Days for boys and girls (in the U.S. and Canada, the activities are tied to the Scouting program). The Primary also is responsible for the nursery class for

For more thoughts from children and how the gospel blesses their life, see the following video (the artwork from above came from the The Gospel Blesses My Life” exhibit):