Pondering the Nativity: Mormon blogs posts, music, video

Today, we are linking to a variety of Mormon posts, musicians’ works, and videos to finish up our series of pondering the Christmas story. Merry Christmas Eve to all!

The Two Christmas Lists (on LDS Friends): Consider the tradition of gift-giving that began, at least in a sense, with the wise men. This post shows the power of the love of God that can be shown (and felt) in the process of giving (and receiving) gifts.

We Three Kings and What Child is This? — sung by Mormon bloggers and musicians DeNae and Karen

Clap for Joy: Catherine shares beautiful thoughts on the Nativity, including reflections on both the Bible and the Book of Mormon Christmas stories. She also shares some lovely family Christmas traditions, and a scripture Advent (save for next year!)

The Christmas Angel, by Middle-Aged Mormon Man: Middle-aged Mormon Man ponders the role of the angel Gabriel (Noah, the prophet Noah from the Old Testament)

Here’s another blog to bookmark for Christmas Advent ideas for next year. This Mormon woman does a musical advent every year on her blog.

Silent Night by Mormon artists Amy Whitcomb and Jake Justice (with a hat tip to Mormon Soprano for sharing their video)

Wise Men Still Seek Him: New Mormon Messages video, showing three modern-day men who choose to seek and follow Christ in their daily lives through serving others around them. That we all may be so wise.