I was sitting down to do my usual evening social media stuff when I saw a flier on the floor. I think I may have received it at Women’s Conference, but I’m not sure. The photo caught my attention.

missionary hymns byu men's chorus


I had the opportunity to sing in BYU Women’s Chorus years ago, and BYU Men’s Chorus music was what I would listen to over and over again in the car to and from the temple during my young adult years. The temple was four hours away, so my cassette of their music got a lot of use.  Two of my favorite hymns that they have sung are Mack Wilberg arrangments of Redeemer of Israel and Lead, Kindly Light.

So you can imagine my joy and gratitude when I saw that Brigham Young University, the College of Fine Arts and Communications, and the School of Music are offering free MP3 downloads of ten missionary hymns. I am going to surprise my children by downloading these hymns onto the MP3 player. I also couldn’t help but think of the many missionary moms who have children serving, and the many moms who are actively helping their children prepare to serve.

Oh, wait, that’s me. It’s an amazing thing to be alive at this time when so many missionaries are being set apart to serve and represent and teach about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is our everything.

The “Set Apart” website says this:

At a time when more missionaries than ever are answering the call to serve, the BYU Men’s Chorus is releasing this unique album of powerful missionary hymns. This free album is offered as a gift to missionaries and to all who share in the growing spirit and energy of the work.

To make the message as accessible as possible, the choir has chosen to release the recordings as free mp3 downloads. In this way—through music—the BYU Men’s Chorus invites every listener to come unto Christ.