Jesus triumphal entry

Editor’s note: I know we’re late in posting these posts, but I was reminded of this post by Jocelyn and wanted to share it as part of our Easter celebration this week. We each have things we can lay down at the Savior’s feet, just as the ancient Jews did as they worshiped Jesus. Perhaps some of Jocelyn’s reflections can spur some thoughts on ways you can worship the Lord more fully in your life.

Jocelyn writes:

On Palm Sunday, the followers of Christ, laid down symbols of wordly goods, both necessities and luxuries, that they were willing to lay at Christ’s feet to welcome him into their city, to praise, and to worship their Lord and Master.

In our day, there is a parallel. We each have palms to lay at the feet of the Master, in order to praise and worship him, and to bid him enter our hearts. In offering up these palms, we will truly come to “love the Lord God” with all of our heart.

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