Jesus and woman of Samaria

Editor’s note: This is another article in our series of BYU students sharing letters and reflections on scripture.

Dear Jenna,

Happy February! You are 19 months old now and getting so big! You are so loved and treasured. This last week in my Book of Mormon class, we began discussing the first few chapters of Helaman. These are the chapters that talk about the Gadianton Robbers and their wickedness. While reading, I was struck by how we can get caught in sin and wickedness, and how Satan works to keep us caught up in this sin and wickedness. When I found myself pregnant with you, I discussed with my bishop the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt is a good thing. Guilt admits that our actions were bad, and it shows that we feel remorse for our actions, and want to improve. Shame is a bad thing. It implies that not only are our actions bad, but our character is also bad. This is what Satan wants. This is how he keeps us in the sin. As it says in Helaman 2:3, we enter into a covenant that no one should know our wickedness. So when we sin, we hide our actions. We try to cover it up and we don’t always confess of the sin.

But this goes against our Savior’s sacrifice. Hiding our sins goes against the purpose of the Atonement. Even if we can hide our sins from the world, we cannot hide them from our Heavenly Father. The Atonement was put into place so that we can confess and forsake our sins, and we can be clean and worthy to return to Him.

When I became pregnant with you, I was stuck in Satan’s grasp. I was making mistakes, and trying to hide them. I was ashamed and unhappy. And even though confessing my sins was difficult, it led to such great happiness. I testify to you, sweet baby Jenna, that the way to happiness is through righteousness. If we live according to His word, and take advantage of the Atonement in our lives, we can live happy and return to live with Him. Do not become stuck in Satan’s grasp; there is no happiness there.

You are adored more than you know. Thank you for inspiring me to loosen Satan’s grasp so I could embrace my Savior and find my way to happiness.