Shawna Edwards - Do You Have Room? Free Christmas Music

Editor’s note: The Christmas song/video, “Do You Have Room?” by Shawna Edwards, has become our traditional way to bring in the Christmas season here at Mormon Women. Shawna wrote this song many years ago to share with her family after hearing a message from Thomas S. Monson, then the first counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Three years ago, through a series of unexpected events, the video she created to share with a few friends ended up being shared via social media all over the world. As a result, Shawna has received thousands of messages from people about how they are trying to make room in their lives for Jesus, and how the Savior of the World and His grace has helped them.

In the following post, Shawna shares a few reflections about the song and the impact sharing it has had on her life.

We hope this music and video can inspire you to take a step back from the busyness to remember the Savior and His gifts to us. How will you make room for the Savior this Christmas season?

Three years ago, just before Thanksgiving, I made “Do You Have Room” available for the first time. This year as I reflect back on all that has happened since, I am thankful for President Monson’s beautiful message, which inspired the song. He said:

In these busy days there are many who have time for golf, time for shopping, time for work, time for play—but no time for Christ. Lovely homes dot the land and provide rooms for eating, rooms for sleeping, playrooms, sewing rooms, television rooms, but no room for Christ. No room. Ever has it been.

I am grateful for John, my husband, who has always encouraged me to do more with my music. I am grateful for my dad, who regularly asked me, “Have you done anything with that song?”

I am also thankful for people all over the world who are singing the song in church, at Christmas celebrations, and at home. I’ve received messages from thousands of them – each one striving to make room for Him in their everyday lives.

This is one of those messages, from Lisa, received a couple of days ago:

I am making more room for Jesus in my life by recognizing His desire to use EVERY circumstance in my daily routine to help me glorify Him. Quite honestly, that’s not always easy to do with a busy husband, two teenage boys, a tween son, and a one-year-old toddler, too! Dishes, laundry, cooking… ALL these can be done unto Him and for His praise! He is directing me to respond in all situations with a heart of trust and gratitude…”O come to my heart, Lord Jesus; there is room in my heart for Thee.”

As we witness the troubling spread of moral relativism, and the unprecedented fracturing of families, communities and countries, I am yet hopeful, as I read and reflect on such messages, in the knowledge that many people still clearly see the truth: That Jesus lives. That His way is the only way.

I am always trying to discover how I can make more room for Him, and pray that this Christmas season will bring each of you an abundance of joy and thanksgiving for His matchless mercy.

~Shawna Edwards