Dr. Wendy Ulrich (parent, psychologist, business consultant, writer, and educator) talks about how a difficult day helped her learn more about the Lord’s personal love for her — for each of us.

It relates to something she shared in her profile on Mormon Scholars Testify:

“Like many people who have longed for a close and loving relationship with God and more regular access to spiritual impressions and direction, I used to wonder why God seemed so distant when I wanted so much to be close to Him. In recent years I have increasingly realized that I have been the one who has kept Him far away, not so much by my disobedience as by my restlessness, my distractibility, my impatience, my blindness, and, especially, my fear. Intimacy is hard enough to tolerate in human relationships, where closeness reminds us of just how vulnerable we are, how often we have been disappointed and hurt, how much we have to lose. God, for me at least, has been even harder to let in than people. The LDS Church teaches without apology that God can be found, that He wants to be found, and that ordinary people can reach Him.”

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Dr. Ulrich holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and an MBA from UCLA, and has taught at Brigham Young University. She is a popular speaker with both business and faith-based audiences (such as Time Out for Women) and is featured in “Why I’m a Mormon