We hope you are enjoying the 2012 Olympic Games as much as we are!

And we thought some might be interested to know if any of the athletes competing in the Games are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Following is a list of the Mormon Olympic athletes of whom we are aware:

Andrew Rutherford: swimmer, Bolivia

Arielle Martin: BMX biker, United States (was injured so she was unable to compete)

Becky Holliday: pole vaulting, United States

Bruna Beatriz Benites Soares: soccer (football), Brazil

Eric Bennett: archery, United States Paralympian

Jake Gibb: beach volleyball, United States

Jason Smyth: Paralympian sprinter, Ireland

Jill Camarena-Williams: shotput, United States

Johanna Fuenmayor: fencer, Venzuela

John Nunn: racewalker, United States

Lucia Palerma: rowing, Argentina

Maria Gabriela Martinez Gascon: fencer, Venezuela

Mary Killman: synchronized swimming, United States

Oyungerel Gantumur: swimming, Mongolia

Rafael Alfaro, swimmer, El Salvador

Rich Lambourne: volleyball, United States

Ryan Millar: volleyball, United States

Russell Holmes: volleyball, United States

Sarah Robles: weightlifter, United States

Tumua Anae: water polo, United States

Valerie Adams: shotputter, New Zealand

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Rafael Alfaro and Andrew Rutherford are students at Brigham Young University