~by Marsha

Mormon videos help strengthen youth and adultsOur world is becoming more and more visual and audio centered. We love to see and feel the spirits of those who are far removed from us and how they handle their lives. We YouTube, we FaceBook, we Email and we share abundantly. Now the Church of Jesus Christ has founded a site that feeds that hunger in flying colours.

Now and again we’ll find something in a talk, or a General Conference session that just rings so true that we want more of it. For me, the story of President Cook’s young woman’s purse hit home hard.  I wrote my own little poem about it. Now there are hundreds of similar short stories, ideas and experiences put to stunning music and photography by the media department all at our fingertips.

The first video I happened upon was about the purpose of life. A young man named Isaiah shared his search and how he found something that changed his life.

Mormon video: the purpose of life


“If you give it a chance, it will definitely change your life, from whatever it was, to what it can be, and what it will ultimately be.”

The NEW video section has personal experiences, stories, stirring tidbits.  It is a veritable smorgasbord of inspiration.  I could listen to one a day and be uplifted.

There are marvelous offerings for children, musical treats, scripture stories and seasonal vignettes.

Here are a few of the ones I glanced at.

·         Chapter 29: Jesus Walks on the  …

Jesus walks on water. Peter tries but is afraid …  (1:30)

Mormon LDS videoo about being a good example

Something Different About Us: Example

Luis sets an example for his friend who is not LDS …  (2:51)

We Believe: Theme Song

Mormon youth sing 2011 theme song



Youth from around the world perform the theme song “We  believe”…  (3:46)

Introduction to the 2011 Mutual Theme:  …

Youth from around the world share their feelings about the 2011 Mutual theme, “We Believe,” and what it means to be a believer. (3:02)

Mormon young man serves in Honduras

Sharing the Light of Christ

A young man opened his heart to orphans in Honduras  …

There are even feature full-length films and all of it is without cost.  How blessed are we?

Here are the topics and menu.  Enjoy!  But beware, you  may get lost in the flood of Spiritual abundance.

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