power in sexual purity nondenominational testimony

Last night as part of our Family Home Evening, (and at my children’s request), we watched this video (again) about the power of sexual purity. And once again, we felt God’s Spirit testify to us of the power of sexual purity — both sexual abstinence before marriage and complete fidelity within marriage. We love this video showing young adults from six different religions testifying to the power of sexual purity.

I have been so grateful to run into many religious websites championing sexual purity for youth and adults alike. Last week, I attended part of a filming of a documentary where married Christians who had faced and overcome pornography addiction also talked about the power of purity in marriage. As Jesus said, truth can set us free. I think this sexual chastity and purity is powerful, freeing truth.

How do you talk about sexual purity with your children? We’re gathering Pins on our Pinterest board on this topic, on teaching and upholding principles of sexual purity. Let us know if you have a good post on the topic, and we’ll give it a look!