Easter Song -- the Miracle by Shawna Edwards

UPDATE: To get a copy of the sheet music of this song, please visit Shawna’s website. Please remember to respect copyright laws as you use digital downloaded music like Shawna’s.

We wanted to include an addendum to yesterday’s post sharing Shawna Edwards’ new Easter song, “The Miracle”. (We were so anxious to share it that we didn’t get all of the information we would have wanted to share with it.)

First, we wanted to share some of Shawna’s thoughts as she wrote “The Miracle.”

We often talk about the wondrous miracles of Jesus Christ — walking on the water, healing the blind, raising the dead. I started out to write this song about those miracles. But as I began crafting the lyrics and the message, I realized — His greatest miracle by far is the one He did for us, for me. “The miracle that rescues me.” I wanted to make it clear how personal the Atonement is to me, how uniquely suited for my needs, my inadequacies, and my struggles, as it is for yours. My name was graven on His hands. And yours was, too.

You can read more about how this song came to be at Shawna Edwards’ website.

She has expressed how her life has been blessed as others from many faiths have shared their faith in Jesus Christ. (p.s. If you haven’t yet heard it, you might also enjoy “Do You Have Room?”)

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