Easter music by Shawna Edwards celebrates Christ's miracle

Jesus Christ is a God of miracles. We read in the scriptures about the many miracles Jesus Christ performed while He lived on the earth. He fed thousands with only small amounts of food. He healed many people of physical and other ailments. He raised people from the dead. He commanded the elements. He walked on water.

But the miracles He performed were primarily to help people understand His greatest purposes and divine mission, which were to save the world from death and from sin.

The  miracle of Easter, the miracle of knowing of and believing in Jesus Christ, is understanding that through Him and His Atonement, we can repent, be changed, have hope, find strength to face our trials. Under the direction of His Father — our Father — Jesus Christ created this earth and came to earth to be the Savior of us all.

Because of Jesus Christ, we are rescued from death through the gift of the resurrection; anyone who has lived or will yet live on this earth will live again after death. If we have faith in Christ, repent, become as little children, and follow Him, Jesus Christ also rescues us from sin. He makes it possible for us to be forgiven and to be clean and whole.

Yes, Jesus Christ is a God of miracles. Shawna Edwards captures this truth beautifully in her Easter song, “The Miracle,” an Easter gift for you to enjoy and share. Thanks also to the One Voice Children’s Choir and Del Parson for contributing to this video.

How have you felt the miraculous power of Jesus Christ in your life? How have you felt Him rescue and help you? Share your thoughts at Shawna’s website and you can receive a copy of the sheet music OR of the MP3 recording of “The Miracle.”