It’s the 170th anniversary of the organization of the Relief Society, the women’s organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We’ve had a lot of posts at Mormon Women about the Relief Society over the years. Today we wanted to feature many of them.

Information on the Mormon History of Relief Society

History of the Relief Society (video)

Daughters in My Kingdom 

Lessons from a leftover pizza: A visiting teaching miracle

“Daughters in My Kingdom” – New Relief Society book for LDS Women

Why I Love Relief Society

First Person: Love in a Cookie

The History and Purpose of the Mormon Relief Society

Mormon Men’s Thoughts on Relief Society

Celebrating Relief Society (Sociedad de Socorro)

Blessings and Purpose of Relief Society

Small and Simple Things — Visiting Teaching Service in Day-to-Day Life

Mormon Women: At the crossroads of life through visiting teaching

An Experience with My Visiting Teacher

Mormon Women in a Nutshell: The Relief Society Declaration

We also know that many people have questions about Mormon women and how they are viewed in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some are also curious about what life is like as a Mormon woman. Following are some posts that explore some of these questions.

Why would a woman choose Mormonism?

How does the Mormon Church view women?

Mormon Women and Education

Ask a Mormon Woman: Do Mormons…? (part 1)

If Mormons love children so much, why don’t they adopt?

What can you tell me about Mormon underwear? ( We get versions of this question asking if Mormon women wear special underwear.)

Ask a Mormon Woman: Why Do Mormons Wear Special Mormon Underwear?

Women in the LDS Church

Questions and Answers about Mormon Women

Mormon Women Muse about the “Mormon Moment”

What do Mormons think about polygamy?  + you may also like “Sister Wives” Polygamy is not Mormon Reality

Ask A Mormon Woman: What Do LDS Church Members Do For Fun?

Ask a Mormon Woman: Why Do Mormons Have So Many Kids?

Ask a Mormon Woman: Why Are There So Many Mormon Women Bloggers?

“The Mormon Network” – Mormons and Emergency Response

Do All Mormon Women Stay Home After Having Children?

Mormon Women and Service (Video)

Mormon Women Bloggers

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