I was engaged just before my 19th birthday to a wonderful man. We were married in December of 2005. We attended several different churches, looking for a place to belong, a place that felt right, none of them met our spiritual needs. 11 months after we were married we found out I was pregnant, then we discovered it was twins. I was so scared, the doctors said there was a problem, it appeared I had only one placenta, the initial ultrasound also looked like there was only one sac, meaning I might not make it past 20 weeks. It was heart broken and I cried out to God. I prayed as I drove home “Heavenly Father I will do whatever it takes, I will raise these children the way You want me to, just please let them be healthy.” Those were my exact words and I meant them, but I didn’t know what it meant, but I meant them.

The NEXT DAY I was at home with my husband when the doorbell rang….

“Carolina Girl” was born into the Church, but after her parents’ divorce, she lived with her father who eventually forbade her and her sisters from going to church (he had lost his belief in the church). she attended a Baptist church with her grandparents, but always felt that void in her life, even as she fought it.

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