Bible Videos and Bible Videos App

If you haven’t had a chance to see the new Bible Videos, they are a beautiful way to reflect on the Nativity story. More videos are to come, all depicting scenes and stories from the life of Jesus Christ, as told in the Bible — all with the purpose of helping build faith in Jesus Christ. These videos were created as a “gift to the world” for families and churches to use.

There is also a free Bible Videos app available at iTunes that goes along with these videos. (It’s currently available for iPad and will be available for Android soon.) From the iTunes page for the Bible Videos app:

The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos will provide you and your family a new and meaningful way to learn about Jesus Christ. In addition to reading about Jesus and His teachings, you will be able to explore biblical environments, watch scripture-based videos and photo slideshows, and discover interesting facts about biblical accounts. This app, which is faithful to the King James Version of the Bible, is a new way to understand Bible stories through sight, sound, and touch.

Listen also to interviews with actors from the Nativity Bible Videos. (More Bible videos are soon to come!)